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est. 1957

Established in 1957, Dulono’s Pizza has taken its time perfecting the pizza game and proudly operates as a local favorite. With locations in the Lyn-Lake neighborhood of Uptown Minneapolis, Downtown MinneapolisWoodbury and Mahtomedi, we unite Uptown dwellers and Suburbanites with one delicious common interest: pizza!  Named one of the top 10 best pizza joints in the Twin Cities, we proudly serve as a local go-to pizza restaurant and delivery standard. You can even order online!

Aside from slanging the best pizza around, our Minneapolis location offers 2-for-1 beer specials all day every day and a kick-ass music venue that showcases local talent from all over Minnesota. Pizza, cheap beer and free live music? Does it get any better than that?

While firmly in place as one of the Twin Cities’ finest pizza restaurants, Dulono’s Pizza also offers hoagies, burgers, chicken wings, salad and pasta. Prefer gluten free? No problem! Just ask for our gluten free pizza crust!

We love to see your beautiful faces in our restaurants, but we also understand that wearing sweatpants, watching TV and eating pizza are three magical things. So when the lazy bug hits you, Dulono’s delivery will be there.